Clinical Trials Testimonials

“I feel that the benefits of ongoing drug studies are critically important to heart disease treatment. The care and attention I receive from Dr. Bruce Sussex and the Nursing Staff (Bernadette Druken) provides me with a sense of wellbeing. Knowing that should I start feeling unwell I will have expert medical professional to look into it right away. I also feel that while these studies may not reap immediate reward, someone down the road could really benefit from the research investment”. – J. Donovan

“I have found the research to be very beneficial to me. The staff have been outstanding, very helpful and informative. They have been available whenever needed”. P. Smith

“I have been part of the Congestive Heart Failure research program for 110 weeks. I find Dr Sussex and the research team to be very supportive, professional and totally committed to excellent patient care. They often take the extra time and care to make me feel comfortable and answer any questions I may have about my health. I am thankful I am helping myself and others by being involved in this study” – M. Bennett

“Dr. Sussex is a great doctor. He is a wonderful doctor. The research team is the best.” – A. Kavanagh

“Very glad to be part of Study! Well explained at all stages and visits. Glad to be able to help with research in this area and hopefully improve treatment options. Staff friendly and professional. Feel well cared for over course of study” – R. Turpin

“Since starting this study group in August of 2019, I have found this to be helpful in so many ways. As I’m sure you may be aware, there are so many complications associated with diabetes. Being a part of this group has provided me with so much help and, more importantly, hope. I feel like I have someone in my corner advocating on my behalf. All my questions and concerns are taken very seriously and there is no hesitation to provide answers or solutions for me. Not only do they help me with the physical aspects but mentally as well and that is such a relief and wonderful feeling that they have instilled in me (…) I’m sure that with all the hard work and effort that goes into this study, a lot of people, including myself, will receive so much help, and be able to live a more productive and  happy life. Thank you so much for advocating and helping people with this awful disease.” – M. Thistle
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Last updated: 2020-02-04