Health Innovation Acceleration Centre

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The Health Innovation Acceleration Centre is a collaborative space where dynamic ideas are generated, and solutions tested and refined. Situated within the local innovation ecosystem, the Health Innovation Acceleration Centre will focus on the development and testing of technology-enabled solutions to improve the health system. These innovative solutions will include well thought-out ideas anticipated to have meaningful impact on patient care and quality of life, the potential to impact the broader health-care systems and the potential to generate economic or commercial value and benefit through reduction of health-care costs and/or creation of new sources of revenue.

Eastern Health has established a Governance Committee comprised of Eastern Health executive members and other innovation ecosystem stakeholders to oversee innovation at Eastern Health. This Governance Committee is responsible for identifying priorities and open to innovation ideas that may come from a variety of sources.

Additionally, a Health Innovation Business Advisory Committee (HIBAC) (PDF) has been established that will advise the Governance Committee on current and emerging trends related to the development, commercialization and uptake of innovative technologies and practices. The HIBAC is comprised of representation from Eastern Health senior leadership, members of the local innovation ecosystem, post-secondary institutions, clinical expertise and private industry.

The following outlines the goals and processes of the Acceleration Centre :


Strategic Alignment and Prioritization

Strategic Alignment and Prioritization

Innovative solutions align with Eastern Health’s Strategic Plan. Solutions must be relevant and address an identified need or challenge facing Eastern Health.






Focuses on discovering new and innovative solutions and not the duplication of existing methods or approaches.





The Health Innovation Acceleration Centre supports local, national and international partnerships for the purpose of generating solutions to health-care challenges.





The Health Innovation Acceleration Centreis adaptable and responsive to the needs of stakeholders. It is not burdened with excessive and unnecessarily complex decision-making processes or procedures.





The Health Innovation Acceleration Centreallows innovators to research a satisfactory solution to an identified need or challenge is designed for the benefit of Eastern Health’s patients, clients, residents, clinicians and staff.
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Last updated: 2023-02-08